Anker A7726 keyboard removed from pc bluetooth, unable to re-pair device back onto computer


I’m having some issues with my new Anker wireless keyboard and my MSI GS63 Stealth laptop. I wanted a way to be able to use my computer connected to a tv at a small distance. I paired the device with my laptops bluetooth and it was working fine on the initial pairing. However I had to remove the device from my bluetooth list and re-pair it. I put the keyboard in the discovery mode but now my pc will not recognize the keyboard.

Sometimes it’ll come up on the list as a keyboard or Anker A7726, it will prompt for a pairing code window but no number for me to input, or a number for me to input and press enter and when I follow the numbers and press enter on the keyboard, nothing happens. I’m not sure what happened to my keyboard but its giving me a lot of trouble trying to pair and connect. Is there something I need to fix with my PC or do I need to contact warranty about my keyboard as I just bought it tonight.

Thank you so much!

If you are using WIN you should take a look what bt-driver is installed.
Often you will find the default driver given by the MS-OS.
This should be replaced by the actual driver offered by the bt-card manufacturer.
This change could help.

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