Anker A7726 few keys are not working

I have Anker A7726 which is paired with my MAC. It was working fine for an year and then few keys stopped working. I tried to power off/on, pairing and keyboard settings to US. But none helped. I have problem with only the below keys.
Tab, a, q, `, 1. All other keys are functional. Appreciate the help in resolving the issue.

Are the keys sticking? Or just don’t work? Email Anker at and they will help you troubleshoot.

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Do those keys work at all or give different characters when typed?

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Check your settings and make sure its set to US keyboard layout.

Have you tried pairing to a different device? We need to know if its the keyboard or something changed on the mac

They just don’t work.

They are not working at all.

Yes, i tried with an windows laptop. There also these keys are not working.

The keyboard settings is to US layout.

Thanks a lot, i sent an email to support.