Anker A7721 Keyboard stopped working

Hi - I’ve been using my Anker A7721 keyboard for months. It has suddenly stopped working. Win10 shows it is paired. Device manager says the Bluetooth is working correctly but nothing happens when I try and use it. Any suggestions on this issue?

Have you tried charging it up?

Ah Windows 10 & BT…almost like oil and water :grin:

Make sure your BT driver is the latest version from the manufacturer (not the PC manufacturer but the module maker). If your keyboard already has a full charge and is showing as connected but still not working after a BT update (if available), please try clearing your pair record on your Windows PC and complete a fresh pairing.

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As @ndalby mentioned, these are the first steps I would try.

If a new pairing doesn’t work, I would contact support and get their help. Make sure to tell them what you already tried and give them the serial number of the keyboard.

Get the name n model of your BT device in your laptop/desktop, then go to and get the latest update

Also make sure the by version of the keyboard is not newer than the version in your device. have version 4.0 installed but keyboard is 4.2 it won’t work. Other way round does work.