Anker A3143 Suddenly Not Discoverable

My trusty and beloved A3143 speaker suddenly wouldn’t connect to my iPhone. I followed the usual steps of deleting it from my Bluetooth list and trying to discover and pair again…but the device was no longer discoverable. While the speaker turns on, the on/off light is dark…and the “play” light (>) blinks every 5 seconds (not the fast pairing blink). At the suggestion of Anker support, I held the play light (>) down for 3-5 seconds to reset…but no change. Any suggestion (or sympathy!) would be appreciated. I purchased a “Soundcore Boost”…but it just doesn’t have the clarity of my A3143. Thanks! Andy H.

The old fellow “A3143”. I had such one long ago. :smile:
Gave it to a friend → Still working.

First I would try to connect it with another device both ways : BT and AUX.
if this doesn’t work I would recommend a reset.
But I don’t know ho to - > ask support.

I suppose the old fellow is out of warranty.
May be if all attamps failed you could open it an test it with another battery.
I would do! :laughing:

Thanks so much for your quick (and sympathetic) response. Yes…purchased in 2/16 so even out of its extended warranty. Unfortunately, my iPad had the same BT trouble…and the AUX connection had to be manually jammed and held in tightly for it to work with my desktop. Anker Tech support had only one trick up its sleeve to reset…and that failed. Purchased Soundcore Boost as a replacement, but while the bass is better, the audio isn’t as clear. Appreciate your effort to help.

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So a replacement the best.

I think this old sleek finish speaker was the first speaker
ANKER offered on the market so far I remember.

This was my first ANKER product I achieved it was in 2015

I used it for a long time and donated it to a friend when my speaker collection was growing.

Are you using an equalizer?
Using such one you may tune the sound still its comfortable for you.

Enjoy your speaker and stay here at the forum.
You are welcome!