Anker A3143 Dead?

I had not used my Anker A3143 Bluetooth speakers in several months. All that time they have been plugged into a USB power block. Today when I went to try to use it (pair it to a new device) I found that the LED on the power button was flashing yellow very quickly. The speaker does not power on unplugged. It will not respond to any button pushes and does not even play audio connected through the aux audio cable.

Does this mean it has died somehow? It was not a cheap device so I hate to have to discard it!

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Most devices will slowly discharge of over time (I have dslr camera batteries that discharge in about 3 weeks). Your speaker should have stopped charging after it reached 100% charge. Depending on how the device is and how often you used it and charging its possible the battery drained itself. You might just need to charge it again.

I would try charging it again and if it doesn’t charge send an email to support to see if they can help. @AnkerSupport can be reached at