【Anker A2041 PowerPort Atom PD 4 100W】Battery Decreasing Instead Of Charging

【Anker A2041 PowerPort Atom PD 4 100W】

  • 2 USB C port
  • 2 USB A port

I’ve been using the charger for 4 months.
In the beginning, it was charging fine.
Until one day, I noticed it’s not really charging my Macbook Air and the battery is decreasing instead (USB C charge).

  • Some times, I do charge my Iphone simultaneously, it happens.
  • Some times, I’m only charging my Macbook Air, it still happens.

So what I did is that I unplug my cable and move over to the other port to charge, and it works.
Or, sometimes I switch the cable to another charging port on my laptop, then it starts charging again.

Anyone has faced this issue before?
I’ve email Anker support team anyways, waiting for reply.

Seems to be a defect.
You should contact the support.
If you are in the warranty period it should be swapped

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I agree you should contact support at support@anker.com. One other item to check would be the cable. If the cable is not able to deliver the full 100 watts, then your MacBook may use the battery if it is not receiving the full power it needs.

Make sure to press the power button on it before plugging into USB-C devices as it will draw power instead of sending power to the devices.

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That’s bad :sob:

Tank, it’s a charger not Powercore from the product code and description.

This looks to me like a failing charger, the auto overload protection is kicking in too early for items it used to be fine with.

When contacting support you can save days of chat if you include serial number and proof of purchase.

Ahh my mistake, I thought it was one of the bigger powerbanks that had multiple ports.

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Yes I know we’re getting a lot of support questions. That’s the reply to a USB PD Powercore.

This happened to me very recently on my PowerPort Atom PD 4, fix - simply unplug PowerPort from power input, wait for about a minute, and plug it back, port works fine, does kind of reset.

You can reach to anker support, but response will be the same.

Yes that is exactly what can reset after overload.

But in this context they said it was the same devices which worked from new so the devices if too power needy to trigger would have triggered from new so that made me think it’s a failing unit.

If words had been different like got a new laptop then…

I gave up mac for all the issues I was seeing for sometime now, only windows, and no issues on charging, except this one time.

May be some software update by Apple may be the cause (On a separate note, i saw issues on iOS for wireless charging - charging stopped completely, unless I reboot the iPhone)

Anker support can better help … they will send a replacement 100% of the the time, if it is within warranty once the defective (which I doubt is not defective) is sent back.