Anker 7721 keyboard losing connectivity during use with MacOS10 Sierra,

My bluetooth keyboard suddenly started losing connectivity during use. I have been using it with my MacBook Air connected to a Samsung monitor and it has been working fine since put in use in Oct "15. Today I began to lose the a, d and z keys. Trying to trace it, I found the keyboard was losing connectivity arbitrarily as I typed. The battery is fully charged (ie green light is on) and it is the only bluetooth device connected. Using Mac OS 10.12.3 Sierra on a MacBook Air.

Hi @ibpilgrim1 , sorry to hear your having issues with your keyboard. Have you tried pairing the keyboard again with your MacBook (remove device and then pair again) and/or do you have another device such as an iPad or BT enabled windows device to try pairing to, to rule out whether the issue is a hardware fault or just a case of a bad BT connection?

I am able to pair the Mac to LG Pad X101 using Android 6.0 and a Samsung phone using Android 6.0.1. The keyboard is not found by either of those devices. When I recycle power on the keyboard the blue light appears briefly but not long enough for a connection. I did discover that the Mac has updated to OS 10.12.4 and others have had pairing problems - the recommended solution being to turn off WiFi. I tried that but no pairing solution with keyboard but Android devices are pairing with Mac but not keyboard.

Dear customer,

We are sorry for inconvenience caused to you by our keyboard.

Could you please send an e-mail to together with your order number for further assistance?

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Apple has been having intermittent BT issues since El Capitan, no sooner do they resolve it resurfaces a few revisions later. MacOS Sierra has been more stable though, in my experience.

As recommended by AnkerSupport, reach out to them on email so they can help with further troubleshooting and/or replace the device if they believe it is faulty.