Anker 7221's demise

I purchased the Anker 7221 keyboard several years ago. It was working great, and then one day stopped connecting to any of my devices. It seems to charge when plugged into my MacBook via the USB cord, but typing results in nothing. When I disconnect the cord and attempt to connect through Bluetooth, the keyboard will not pair and subsequently turns off. (The power light does not indicate that there is any low battery issue here.) It looks like the more recent model has removable batteries, but the version I have has no compartment on the back for replacing batteries, if that is the problem after all. I really enjoy this keyboard and would like to be able to use it. How else should I troubleshoot?

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Could be apple’s iOS updates, that’s caused the issues?!?


Try it on another computer :wink:


Hi @clcasstevens , sounds like a compatibility issue due to a recent update and/or some internal settings have got in a twist…I would suggest you send a email to to see if there is any known issues with the OS versions you are running and this model of keyboard (which is BT 3.0)…they may also be able to provide a key combination method for resetting the keyboard…

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Bt3 wow, that’s old school :older_man::school:

Do apple still support that?

I’ve spotted this, which might help… Means nothing to me! lol

This maybe better?

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I didn’t know Anker made keyboards!