Anker 7-in-1 USB-C Power Hub compatibility with my 8th Gen iPad

Hi, I’m new here. I bought the 7-in-1 USB-C Power Hub thinking it would be compatible with my 8th Gen iPad but not so. The USB-C connection (the 8" cord coming off the Power Hub is too big for the input on my iPad.

Is there an adapter available for this? I bought the Power Hub on Amazon and I live out in a rural area a couple of hours from Edmonton. I’d like to avoid having to send it back to Amazon.

Thanks for any help. Jim in Alberta, Canada.

So if I understand you correctly, you’ve got an iPad with a lightning port, and the different port USBC won’t plug in? That would make sense as they are different ports.

If I understand what you own, with the iPad you were given a lightning to USBC adapter to allow the included USBC charger to work, you might want to try that adapter, it will solve the problem the ports are different shapes but then I suspect hub won’t work as it’s not a real USBC port on the iPad? Try it.

@jimboland As mentioned by @professor your iPad uses a different port standard than the hub, Apple’s proprietary lightning connection.

You could try @professor suggestion of using an adapter to allow use but based on Apple’s normal locked down ecosystem I doubt compatibility using this method would be any good.

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Thanks, professor. I saw the ‘USB-C female adapter to lightning male’ on However, I don’t want to buy it and then find it doesn’t work and be either stuck with it or have to return it. I’m heading into Lloydminster, Alberta tomorrow. It’s an hour or so from me. There’s a Best Buy there and that’s where I bought the 8th Gen iPad. I’ll take the Anker Power Hub and the iPad with me and get the Geek Squad guys there to have a look at it.

Thanks again for your reply.

You own the adaptor already, it’s bundled with the iPad according to the specs.

I doubt it will work but worth a try if you have it handy.

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Thanks. I’ll give an update if I can get my hands on an adapter at Best Buy tomorrow.

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Thanks. I’ll try that.

In the box it’s a male to male cable variant…


Only Apple…

So would a hub then work if you used the male input port of a hub and either unpowere or something else? So make it the client rather than host?

So not 8th gen, but 8th century…

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Hi, professor. Thanks for your reply.

I found the male Lightning end with the male USB-C end. There’s ONE female USB-C opening on the Power Hub. I was planning to use that one to charge the iPad while I was using it to record using Garageband. I’m going to plug my Steinberg Cl1 audio interface into the Power Hub.

I’m thinking that I need that female USB-c to Lightning male adapter in order to plug into the iPad.


Think I need that female USB-C to Lightning adapter.

It is not looking hopeful. You have an Apple device with a proprietary Apple port, they chose to not use an open standard USB-C port. The hub assumes the standard USB-C.

Anyone here see an out of the Apple issue?

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Not sure what the Steinberg CI1 uses as a connection, but if its USB Type A, check this out:

It says camera but it works for all sorts of USB devices. I use it on my iPad Pro and iPad 6th gen to connect an external hdd and allows iPad Charging at the same time.

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Hi and thanks for replying. The Steinberg Cl! uses a 2.0 connection. I use it to connect to my MacBook Air laptop. My wife uses one these adapters with the HDMI female to connect to her iPad so that we can watch Netflix and Amazon Prime on the big screen tv. If the USB-C female adapter with the male Lightning adapter doesn’t work, that will be my next piece of gear to try.

Hi @jimboland , sorry to hear you are having issues with your Anker 7-in-1 USB-C Power Hub. To simplify all of this, I think it maybe best to determine whether your device is compatible. After looking up the device on Anker’s website (please see below), it looks like it isn’t compatible with your device. I don’t know exactly which Anker 7-in-1 USB-C hub you purchased, but none of the 7-in-1 “hubs” I see seem to have compatibility with your device. I have a screenshot below to show you.

I have been looking at these hubs as well and realized that not all are compatible with iPad devices, and some are only compatible with certain iPad Pros. Often when they are listed as compatible, the hub may still not support pass through charging (see the Anker product website for this). I hope this helps![upgraded]-usb-c-hub-adapter/A83460A2

Hi, Bernie, and thanks for the reply. Yes, it looks as if it’s not compatible. My only hope now is that a USB-C female-to-Lightning male adapter will work. I had planned to go to a nearby (90 minutes away) Best Buy last week but haven’t gotten there yet. Tomorrow, hopefully. If Best Buy has one in stock, I’ll try it out.

I’ll keep all posted here. Cheers. Jim

Good luck

I’m not expecting it to work but…

My fingers are crossed. My mistake was buying it from Amazon and not from Best Buy or Walmart online. There’d be no hassle returning it.