Anker 6ft Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

I’m starting to wonder how much more you can improve a charging cable? Anker has nailed it once again with their new Anker 6ft Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable.

If you thought their last generation cables were amazing (like I did), well just when you thought it couldn’t get much better it did. They now have their double braided nylon cable which they don’t say how much weight strength it can withstand, but the PowerLine+ II could withstand 175lb. with 30,000 bends. I’m sure those numbers are higher for this cable and that when Anker says “Tough construction lasts 5 times longer than generic cables” that they mean it! Just looking at the diagram you can tell this cable is designed to last!

I seriously couldn’t rip this cable if I wanted to without using an tools! As far as technology its got Apple’s certified MFi chip to make it compatible with numerous Apple devices and will adapt to stock charging speeds for your phone. The ends fit snugly into the ports and are both made of an aluminium housing to protect the ends of the cords and chip. Overall this is another great product from Anker and I can’t think of anything negative about the cord. Even if something goes wrong it has a lifetime warranty to cover it!


I’ve got one of these in the house. I bought 2 iPhone SE screen protectors and needed to hit the £20 threshold for free postage so grabbed one of these :thumbsup:

Great cable that is durable and can stand the test of time. I would say the only negative, would be how quick it can get dirty and how hard it is to clean

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Really nice cable and the graphic of the cable is awesome.

Ive had a red one for ages and it doesn’t get dirty. Even my kids using it mostly but with the work you do and car fixing I bet it would get pretty dirty.

Great review, personally feel that Anker’s cables are the best on the market and I’m always recommending them to people.

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Does the cable give a noticeably faster charge to any of your devices?

Each premium nylon-braided cable is optimized for use with Apple devices, providing the same charging speeds as stock Apple charging cables.:grin:


Thank you very much!!

Thanks so much. You’re products kick ass! Keep it up!

Wow yea I just got mine. It’s not as pretty as that red one, but at 6ft it’s a monster and it DOES have a noticeably faster charge!

I’m glad to hear you like it!
Let us use #UseAnkerInstead!:sunglasses:

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I agree 100%. I think most manufacturers that make phones or other electronic devices seem to build their accessories to break, but not you guys. #UseAnkerInstead all the way. Everything I have ever bought from you is still working and just as well as the day i bought it. My Soundcore 2 recently went on a camping trip with me and was a saving grace; being waterproof and with a 24 hour+ battery life, it lasted basically the whole week with one charge that I’m not even sure it needed!

Most manufacturers will focus on it’s main electronic devices instead of their accessories. But at anker, we are different! :sunglasses:

Well that’s quite easy. Thicker and silver(plated) power wires. Silver may be a bit to expensive but thicker most certainly.
All my cables are Anker. I prefer charging with the 1ft cable because they charge significantly faster.
I do have the 6ft cable and I really notice the difference in charging speed.
That’s not Anker to blame beacuse that’s just how things are. Losses increase at power and length increase.
But losses also decrease when the thickness of the copper increases.
For 1ft cables that likely isn’t worthwhile, but I wish Anker with double diameter on the 6ft cables…

Yes yes you are! :grin::grin::v:

How does this compare to the PowerLine+ II? They look almost the same, but have a significant price difference.

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This one is my favorite cable, use it all the time! The color makes it easy to find!