Anker 521 LiFePo4 generator availability and larger units?

Excited to see that Anker is starting to get into the LiFePo4 game with the new Anker 521 unit. However, I went to purchase it on Amazon and it was removed from my cart, not in my saved for later, nothing. I cannot find any reference to it at all in the Anker amazon store. There was a coupon for $20 off yesterday morning that I was about to pull the trigger on last night and was gone. Anyone experience this? Its still in the Anker store with a similar coupon but seems very odd to me.

Also, looking forward to any type of larger capacity units. Reputable/long standing brands in this space has been pretty bare with LiFePo4 and hope Anker will produce.

It’s back up on Amazon; that was pretty odd:

Debating on pulling the trigger on this or holding out for a higher capacity.