Anker 500ml Diffuser Problem : Can someone help?

Just received the Anker 500ml diffuser…so excited to try it out, unboxing was a breeze, as with all the products from Anker…filled up the tank w/ under 500ml of distilled water, added my essential oil, and plugged it up.
Problem I’m having is once I press “Mist”, the machine beeps, and less than 2 seconds later it beeps again and shuts off.
The light works with the changing colors…the problem again is when I press “mist” it shuts right off.
Pretty upset as I’ve got everything set up and it looks as though I’ve got a bad unit, and will have to dump the water w/ oil (What a waste !).
Can’t contact support until Monday, wondering if anyone else has had this trouble before.

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Not a great start and my excitement is now disappointment and frustration.

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I had the same issue I simply unplugged the unit from the outlet and plugged in and it started working. If you havent tried that already give it a try. If not it may just be defective unfortunately

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I have had diffuser problems twice with other brands but it was the same issue you are having. . I. Fixed one by drying it out and starting over with a bit less than recommended water and it worked. Maybe it was just the unplugging and replugging it in that fixed mine as @cava3395 mentioned.

I tried both unplugging and plugging back in from the wall outlet and even carefully from the bottom of the diffuser. Same result…initial beep as it turns off, and then seconds later it beeps shutting off.

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Pour the water with oil in a container so it wont be wasted let it dru and pour in half of the water back in and see if that works! :slight_smile:

Tried that as well…even using a q-tip to clean/wipe the center of the diffuser…no luck, same results.
I’ve got the water saved…hopefully it’ll still be good for a couple of days until I speak w/ Anker support Monday morning to figure out what’s wrong or look into getting another diffuser.
Thanks for trying to help…I’m beginning to just face the reality that I unfortunately got a bad unit, as I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.
First time I’ve had an issue w/ Anker…sigh…guess everyone gets their “turn”.

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One for the “lucky” few. Anker will make it right though no worries.

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Sorry to hear that. Would you kindly write to with the SN# on the bottom and your current shipping address? We will make this right for you ASAP.


I have emailed you at this time, with the SN# included…thank you.
Hoping to be “happy”.

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Told you :wink: