Anker 30W 2-Port Compact Type C USB Charger with 18W Power Delivery and 12W PowerIQ, PowerPort PD 2 with LED Indicator Review

I just got my new Compact c and A 2 port wall charger! I have been searching and searching for the right kind and price on a wall charger with C and A ports and finally, last week found it. I have to say I really really like it! As you will see in the pictures I posted, it is plugged in, right now, next to my PP4. I love my PP4 too, the reasons I decided on both are, I’d like to be able to leave the PP4 plugged in where it is in the picture, currently, I am unplugging it every day to take it to work or where ever else I may go, because 1 port standard iPhone plugs are no longer sufficient. So now I am able to leave it and big a smaller, lighter but still powerful, 2 port plug with me when I need it. OK got that out of the way onto the review. So the only thing I own that charges by C is the #Anker Powercore 10000 lite, which is AMAZING, but I have Anker’s USB A female to C Male adapter cable, meaning I can plug ANY cable into the C port of the Compact 2! I ran a test on my phone and even with the adapter it still charges at the speeds it advertises! So overall I have to do what I basically always do with #Anker products and give this a HUGE 2 THUMBS UP!!! Thanks #Anker

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lame, thanks man

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Have this exact charger and its a workhorse

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I am quickly finding that out!!

Thanks for sharing your review and photos!

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Always. I’m about to have more free time on my hands I should be able to finish the others I need to!strong text