Anker 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station problem-hissing sound

I got this Anker 3 in 1 wireless charging station from Amazon for my Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy Buds Pro, and Apple Watch.
I was impressed with the overall building quality until I hear a high-pitch hissing sound when I charge my S20. The sound is not too noisy, but just enough for you to notice when you sit close to it in a quiet room, which is driving me crazy.
If I wireless charge my iPhone 11 with it, it would be fine. Because it is in 7.5w. But when it comes to S20’s 10W fast wireless charging, after you place it on the stand for about 5 seconds, there will be a rhythmic current sound. If I turn off the fast wireless charging mode to normal wireless charging mode, it would be better, but still a tiny bit noisy, and also, what’s the point?
I contacted Anker’s customer support, they are really friendly, and they want me to send it back to have a replacement, but it’s going to take a week. So I just return it to Amazon and get a new one 2 days later. I switch 2 different cables, and 2 different powerbricks, still the same problem. If the powerbrick has an output less than 15w, that will not trigger the 10w fast wireless charging function of the stand hence no noise. But that would take almost 3 hours to charge which is ridiculous.
I am wondering if it is a product defect to have a hissing sound while fast wireless charging phones like S20.


Hi @Olliemann
I have multiple Anker wireless chargers including a wireless powerbank and the Wakey alarm clock and the S20 Plus.
I have also found most of my Anker wireless chargers (apart from the charging stand) makes an odd noise.
Hissing/pulsing type of sound, almost like a tiny wheel spinning really fast and catching on something as it spins.

As in your case, support was quick to respond but wanted the units back. So I did the same as you and returned to Amazon and re purchased.
Out of the 3 times I’ve done this it only resolved the problem with 1 item!

Mine was also making the noises with an iPhone 11Pro and S10.

I have 1 other wireless non Anker charger. Its unbranded and came free with a phone case, that doesn’t make a noise.

Ultimately it bothers me, but not enough to send them all back again. The noise has never worsened and the charging output is consistent.


Everything makes a sound, it’s a just a matter of if you are aware of it, older people lose high frequency sound perception so the issue is worse for the younger.

It is due to harmonics which arise ultimately from the alternating current from the mains supply, or in this case from the alternating current required to make an alternating magnetic field which is how induction works. You can suppress is using a few techniques. If it’s the mains AC the easiest is a ferrous core and wrap the wire around it. If it’s the AC made within the station, try dampening via placing a weight at an harmonic point. Press the station firmly at different spots until you stop the noise, once found then place a heavy weight there, ideally say a steel ball. You just need to move the harmonic up to a frequency you cannot hear.

All your technology you own is doing this, just bad luck you can hear it on this.



That’s me! My hearing is bad. To many years of concerts, listening music in the car/headphones to load, around load cars/tractors and other stuff . I can’t hear the noise. My wife can hear it if she gets close to it.

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If you are not happy with it send it back. I have a couple of wireless chargers and they barely make a noise. Talk to support and hopefully they can help you with this issue

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I have one charging stand from ESR and it is actually working perfectly and quietly. but it’s sadly not versatile as this Anker charging station.

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thank you for your kind advice. I tried to press everywhere of the base of the station, but nothing changed. Guess I have to send it back.