Anker 3.3ft premium double braided lightning cable (Review)

Finally no more broken cables!

If you’re tired of your Apple cables (or any cheap 3rd party cable) getting broken/damaged after a few months you should buy this Cable! This is the 3.3 ft version.

I really love the color, it matches perfectly with my PRODUCT RED iPhone 7 Plus, and its well built, so it will fit with almost any case.

The price is also super affordable compared to the one from Apple and some 3rd party options.
You can be sure this lightning cable will last long! And looks amazing as well. It’s super durable, since it’s double braided with nylon.

It’s safe to use, since It’s MFi certified, so you can be sure it will work as an OEM cable, you can use it to charge at the fastest speed your device supports and to sync as well.

It comes in a nice packaging, and you’ll get in the box your nice Premium Nylon-Braided Lightning Cable (3.3 ft) and your regular paperwork.

There’s nothing much to say about this product, it works as advertised, it’s a premium well made lightning cable at an affordable price, it should last long. I recommend it.


Yeah, I have this cable and I love it!

It will be the last cable in your life! :laughing:


Nice review :+1:t2:

Nice review @armandofdz :grin: These cables do look great, I will get one soon :slight_smile:

And with their LifeTime Warranty, you really can’t beat it. Very well worth the price too. :slight_smile:

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Wife ended up buying 2 more 6ft cables after I just purchased 2 3.3ft the day before

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