Anker 3.3'/1m Nylon Cable with Lightning Connector

This cable has been reviewed multiple times so I will try to be brief.
Comes in a nice white/blue box (about the size of a deck of cards).
Inside is the cable itself and a happy/not happy card.

I got the red colored cable where everything is red which looks awesome. Cable oozes quality craftsmanship.
USB A side and Lightning side both are metallic (as far as i can tell, probably aluminum).
I did compare it with genuine apple lightning cable… here are my observations… “with pictures”
-Anker cable is exactly 40" long about 1 inch shorter than Apple cable (see second last picture).
-Anker cable connector housings are marginally bigger than Apple cable.
-Anker cable is detected by my iphone as cable that can deliver up to 2.1 A current.

Overall this cable is extremely well made and is an eye candy. I have to make sure nobody steals this :grinning:


I hope we see some USB-C and micro variations soon.

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Excellent pics, waiting for green color

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Great pics. I love Anker cables.

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Good summary and pics :thumbsup: Certainly liking the embossed packaging which the new items are switching to…makes them look a premium offering while still keeping the signature Anker blue/white…


Great review, @kumar.sachin! I like that you used the Macbook’s illuminated keyboard in the background of your photos!

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Love the brief yet informative review. Some great photos too, didn’t realise how striking the red would look!

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Regarding to USB-C line, what price do you think is more appropriate?:grin:

You like green color?? We feel that very few people like this color, so we didn’t put it in our plan.:joy:

I buy lots of cable for myself, cos I’m careless people, I always lost it…:joy:

How bout first born child? I think 20 dollars for the 6’ powerline+ II with a lifetime warranty was fare. I would be Happy to pay that and not have to worry about cable failure give or take a few bucks depending on ankers usb-C connecter costs.

I also vote for green cables it’s nice to have different colors to quickly identify certain cables for different devices with different ports. Monster energy green would be the bees knees🐝

Red color also suitable for man to use.:grin:

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I think 12 to 15 dollars for 3 ft, 15 to 18 dollars for 6ft and 22 dollars for 10ft USB c cable…this of course is usb-c to USB-c

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Well done job!
I have to write a review for and agree of course with all your arguments.
Unfortunately I got a black one.
Red ones are much better to find for a near-sighted old fellow like me! :grin:

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Nice review. I think I might have to get me one of these. My parents, brother and my wife need new cables. I think I might have some Christmas gifts lined up. :slight_smile:

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