Anker 2nd gen astro e1 5200mA FAIL

Now is 2 years that i have that product and i love it , but a couple months ago keep changing and disgangin weridly , so i testet whats the actual capacity :
Discharge: 970mAh —1A–0:59
Charge: 1115mAH —1A–1:55
in this moment i knew someting was wrong , so lets reset te batery puting the cable to each conector
Charge: 1282mAH —1A–2:02
…aaand nothing happens , this is not a normal degrade in litium bateries

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Hey @pj1pj2
Shame you’re having problems.
Personally, 2-3 years seems right to me depending on charging routine. I’ve had some last less, some longer.
Thankfully these small capacity batteries are cheap, so maybe time for another.
All the best

Maybe it’s time to upgrade

In normal conditions, the battery performance will decline over several years. We released many new models. If you need any help, please reach Anker Customer Support at

oviusly i know in bateries degrade are normal , but not this much , we are talking about 80%loss in performance