Anker 26800

Evening all, from the get go i have contacted Anker support but wont hear anything from them till monday so thought id see if anyone here may be able to help me.

Basically i brought an Anker 26800 3 port off amazon and it came completley dead yesterday evening so i have charged it up … this morning i saw it flashing on the 4th led so i thoughy maybe it was almost charged. I checked on it again to see if it was charged just now, 8 hours later and its still got that 4th led flashing.
So i thought id unplug it and just try charging my phone with it to check all was okay to find it didnt charge my phone :frowning: (i did disconnect it from walla charger prior to pluging my phone into it).
So i thought that was odd, i unplugged my phone then pushed the button to check the charge and none turned on. I plugged it back into the wall and it went back tl 3 leds and the 4h flashing.
Is mine faulty or do i have to wait for it to be fully charged before i can use it? Any help would be awesome!!
Thanks all

Seems like you may have received a faulty unit (you don’t have to fully charge to use), but maybe try a different cable.

Thankyou and have changed the wire which didnt change anything … once un-plugged it wouldnt light up with button so ill call up anker monday! Thankyou for your help