Anker 26800 - Lights while charging?

I have an Anker 26800 - should the lights be lit while charging? They are off while plugged into the wall but if I press the button 2 out of 4 light up.

Yep they should with the highest one blink when they finished charging the lights will be off.


If it charges using a Micro usb cable, try changing it to another and even change the plug too if possible just to check but when plugged in, if the battery is half full for example. 2 lights would be on and the third light would flash until it’s 3/4 changed and then move up until it’s full.


Thanks @doris4jin and @Oggyboy!
Hi @Tony_Delayo, if your PowerCore does not appear be charging, please try another charging cable and USB wall charger to see if it helps. If it still will not charge, please reach out to with your order/invoice number and they will be happy to help you further!

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