Anker 26800 is not charging

Hi I recently bought an anker 26800. I bought it from power Mac center in Philippines. As usual, I opened the box and tried to charge it but the problem started here. I used 2 anker usb cables and 2 iPad 4 wall chargers. I thought it was going to be ok since the first light started flashing. But after 24 hours, it was the same as i starter charging it. So can anyone tell me why it is not charging?? Pls

Try different cables and try different chargers.

It needs two 5V 2A inputs to charge in just over 6 hours, if one or both cables / charger bad then will take longer

And take a look if all sockets and plugs are perfectly clean (no debris)

Try it again with a different set of cables and charging bricks, if it’s still not charging then contact support or return it

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