Anker 20100 does not charge Note 9 past 95 percent

Hi all,
Bought a new Anker 20100 and fully charged it (took a few hours), plugged my Note 9 into the Anker but only charges the phone up to 95 percent, then stops.
Also I noticed that when I’m not using the Anker to charge anything, the 4 blue LEDs turn on for a few moments then off… then on, then off, without me pressing the button. Is this normal?

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Have you tried charging your note 9 through another power source since you used the battery?

The second problem is normal :+1:. If you don’t plug something in then the battery turns off after a few seconds :+1:

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Yes I have charged my Note 9 with my Samsung charger and no problems.
The 4 blue LEDs turn on when the powerbank isn’t being used. It’s random. I leave it on my table and i don’t touch it, the leds turn on, then off… a few seconds later they turn on again and off.

I would recommend contacting anker support at

Good luck!

Here is a video of the LEDs

I will contact support and let you know. THanks.h

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Yep. The LEDS are supposed to do that. It’s actually he powerbank powering off. Since your not charging Anything, it does that to conserve energy…

Wonder if your phone isn’t drawing enough power for the charger to stay on.

I doubt it since it’s only the last 5%.

Electronics (and batteries in general) draw less power in the last 20%.

You’re right, and the higher the charge level the more resistance there is, so power draw becomes less and less.

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its usually around 90% or more that the current starts reducing since the voltage is very close to max. CC-CV charging profile switches from CC to CV.
May be 20100 has a auto switch off when current reduces to certain value (that value may be below the charging requirement for Note 9)

Yes but it keeps turning ON first…by itself.

Of course it does. You push the button and power it on. Them the powerbank realizes nothing is plugged in, so it powers off.

I think you don’t understand me. When I am not using it, not touching it… the leds turn on and off.
I mean I place the battery bank on a table in the kitchen, and walk away from it. I am not standing near it. I am 1-2metres away… the LEDs turn on and off. I am NOT touching the button. I am NOT touching it at all!

Can you post a video of that? In the video you posted, you hit the button to turn it on.?.?.

@TechMan He did post a video of it. Post #5. I would just contact Anker support.

In that video they clearly hit the button to make it turn on.?.?.?

But only in the beginning… then a ghost is pressing it after that initial press!!!

Oh, I guess I should have watched the whole video :pensive:. Sorry, I did something stupid…