Anker [2-Pack, 6ft] Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A, Double-Braided Nylon Fast Charging Cable for $8.39 (Regular 12.99) - Red & Grey

Anker [2-Pack, 6ft] Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A, Double-Braided Nylon Fast Charging Cable is available on deal for $8.39 with the code ANKER839 for both Red and Grey, regular price $12.99


Our flagship series of cables.

Built with premium technology and advanced engineering—offering fast, durable connections for all phones and tablets.

PowerLine+ USB-C to USB-A 2.0

Combining a double-braided nylon exterior with a bulletproof fiber core, PowerLine+ is designed for

  • End-to-End Strength
  • Reinforced Connectors
  • High-Speed Charging
  • Incredibly Strong
#### Bulletproof Reinforcement

PowerLine+ is reinforced with aramid fiber to give incredible strength. Lasting over 6x longer than other USB cables, it may be the most reliable charging cable you’ve ever used.|#### Premium Design

High-quality components and materials encased in double-braided nylon ensure a premium cable from end to end.|#### 6ft / 1.8m

Never sit awkwardly or lean over to get close to your charger. On the couch, in bed, or in the office, 6ft of cable gives you complete freedom without becoming tangled.

Links to purchase: Red & Grey


Now I want the same deal for lightning cables :wink:. Thanks for sharing this deal!


That’s a great deal. If only I didn’t have so many USB-C cables already …

It’s finally come to a point where I now have more USB-C cables than micro-USB cables. Didn’t think it’d happen this soon. NOTE: I only have 3 USB-C products: Pixel 2, iPad Pro, and Dell Inspiron 15 (can use either Dell charger or USB-C charger).


Badass deal!


Awesome cable deals!

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Great deal. Unfortunately, I don’t need any more.

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already have a pair in red, guess now’s the time for a grey pair.

nevermind, I logged on too late. missed the deal… I’ll be on the look out for the 3 footers now

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If I used usb-c I would probably need to get that, thanks for sharing the deals!

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Nice deal! Thanks for sharing!

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