Anker 2.4g Wireless Mouse stopped working after Windows 10 Update

Anker 2.4g Wireless Vertical Mouse 98ANKVM-UBA

Mouse got spotty last night, jerking around. I replaced batteries, did not help. Then not working at all. Sometimes the screen shows a click but no movement. I re-paired it - no effect.

Came hear searching for drivers. No driver.

Here’s the rub - I have two mouses, and two dongles. Both act exactly the same on this PC. So I think the problem is on the PC side. I got a Windows Update yesterday.

Unfortunately Windows 10 is notorious with it’s updates for messing with BT drivers and settings, whether it be speakers or mice. There are a few threads on the community with several suggestions on possible solutions (until the next Windows 10 update) depending on your device. The link below will help you in the right direction…

Got it working again after an hour. Turns out I had the wrong pariing instructions. What I found was to press left-right-center, plug in dongle and the release.

What worked for my mouse was to just press Center and Right for three seconds.

I read the user guide, searched that Anker website, and combed Google for 45 minutes to find this info.

Anker 98ANWVM-UBA - Center button and right button 3 seconds to pair the device. <- Now it’s on the Anker website.


That’s awesome! Glad you figured it out. Not saying but, most times it’s users oversight… Love going out on trouble calls and when troubleshooting I can’t find anything wrong. Those are the best call outs, especially the overtime!