Anker 2.4G Wireless Ergonomic Mouse Review

There comes a time in your life when your joints and bones start to give up on you :frowning: and after 20 years of using a mouse on a daily basis my right wrist has started to ache following a few hours work. I have seen some fully vertical mice but from holding my hand in that position, it didn’t feel as natural so opted for getting this one and at around £15 for a wireless mouse, it was worth getting.

In The Box
◦ The mouse (with nano receiver stored in the battery compartment)
◦ Welcome guide (Instructions)
◦ Warranty Card
X - No Battery

Set Up
Insert a AA battery (Not included). The plug and play wireless nano receiver installed in around 2 minutes on my pc (Win 7) and the mouse was ready to go. You can adjust the DPI by pressing the button on top of the mouse and each press cycles through the options of 800 / 1200 or 1600 DPI. (There is a red light just in front of the button which flashes (Once/Twice/Thrice) so you know which selection you have made.) Finding the right option depending the surface and your preferred tracking accuracy/speed is key. I preferred the 1200 DPI setting. I might be able to ramp it up to 1600 if/when i become more comfortable using it.

The mouse has a very soft and smooth exterior, is built well and feels very solid in your hand. I have been using a wrist support gel pad mouse mat with my regular wireless mouse but i had to spin my mouse mat around because the new wrist position which reduces the pressure and strain doesn’t require that extra support, you can even do away with a mouse mat as long as the surface is not too reflective.

It glides around the desk with no effort and is very responsive when clicked. Allegedly tested for 3,000,000 clicks (Is that per button?)

The mouse has the standard left and right click buttons, scroll wheel plus 2 other buttons accessed with your thumb for going to the next or previous pages when surfing the internet. These work really well and save going up to the top of the browser to go back :slight_smile:

You can use the mouse up to 10 metres from the receiver thanks to a 2.4G wireless connection, so if your pc or laptop are not on or under your desk, you will have no problems.

For me, it feels too small in my hand. Maybe I’m not used to an ergonomic mouse and i’m holding it wrong. Am i holding it wrong? If i fit the mouse, right into my hand then my figures over hang the front end and i have to over curl my fingers back to press the buttons and if i hold the mouse so my finger tips are lined up with the buttons, it doesn’t feel like I’ve got a true grip of the mouse. I’ve keep trying to adjust my grip but keep coming back to the same conclusion.

I take nothing away from the actual device. It’s a great mouse and in the right (smaller) hand, it would be amazing.

Overall 4/5


Would this work under LINUX?

I use this kind of mice since 15 years.
Your wrist will be damaged if not doing so.
Oggyboy mentioned this. THANK YOU!

PLEASE my friends use those kind of equipments.
I was in that business for about 45 years and
ergonomic equipment is SO IMPORTANT!
When I saw the young students bend over their laptops like
question marks I got very angry.
But what could an “old boy” do? Talking to the kids and hope they listen to him! :grin:


Awesome, looks much better than the older style which I have. Good job


That’s great review and pictures. Thank you for sharing. Hopefully Anker will make an XL version for those of us with larger hands.


I forgot to mention, that using an ergonomic mouse pad is important too.
I mean those with a kind of cushion for the wrist.


I’m in a meeting most of today but will keep going with it and getting the correct set up.

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Good job on the review @Oggyboy , it does look a tiny little thing…as for the hold, from messing with a few in the past (I could be using wrong also) and a few photos I’ve seen I think the idea is to use a weighted press from your whole finger for clicking rather than just the tip…

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Cheers @ndalby I was trying to adjust my grip like that but couldn’t get it feeling secure in my hand. Just need to fine tune my grip I think. Will let you know :upside_down:

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I use an old wired Anker ergonomic mouse.
Changing it from time to time with a “wowpen” joy.
Both are shaped similarly.

The most interesting “mouse” I had was this one.

Unfortunately it’s not available any more.

I don’t use a mouse anymore but a trackpad. I had an Anker mouse, years ago before switching over to the trackpad. Loved it. But this one looks smaller and curvaceous. It does look a lot more comfortable then their first mouse. I wonder if they’ve made it a bit more compatible with Macs nowadays… with programming the buttons. I wouldn’t be opposed to trying one of these out. Good job with the review @Oggyboy :slight_smile:

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I just compared this to mine and I guess I’ll stick with the older one as it fits my hand better

I think the buttons are still NOT compatible with Mac OS :scream:

Wow. That is a strange looking device.

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Yes it looks strange, but if you use it for a while you like it.
Its more like a pen.

I use it alternately with my old ANKER wired ergonomic mouse.

So my “old bones” are still fine. :relaxed:
No more “mouse-click elbow” (RSI), which I suffered from when using a normal mouse.

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I think I don’t like this mouse, because I prefer a thumb rest.

Thanks for the review. Nice mouse