Anker 15W solar & Anker PowerCore 15600mah cache battery

Hi all

I’m looking for some help here.

I have some home made cache batteries using genuine Panasonic NCR18650B cells which charge from my solar panel at around 5.1 > 5.2V @ 800 > 1100mah which I am fine with. After a whole day charging my two cache batteries are almost fully charged. (around 12000mah)

However, when I plug in a discharged Anker PowerCore the voltage drops down to around 4.6 > 4.8V @ 400 > 800mah. With this setup after spending the whole day in the sun my meter shows that it has passed around 6000mah however only the first of four charge lights is flashing. So guessing the the battery really has about 3500mah of capacity.

The PowerCore charges fine using a wall charger, yet for some reason does not like slow charge from my Solar cell.

I was hoping to use this one some bikepacking trips I have coming up this year but now I’m not so hopeful as the PowerCore doesn’t seem tolerant of solar charging.

Can you guys recommend an alternative PowerCore or similar that I could try.

Thanks all.


Your ratio of solar to Powercore seems off. I use a 21W solar with a 10000 and that works.
21W is needed to get enough voltage in less than perfect conditions, 10000 is enough for me to last a couple of days without sun.

If I were to redo what I’m carrying I’d carry two PowercoreIl 6700 and less gadgets needing power as it’s been dull and I need to make maximum use of when the sun comes out.

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