Anker 13-in-1 Dock not sending power to laptop nor supporting second monitor

Just purchased the new dock, however, it is not sending power to the laptop nor sending signal to the second monitor.

What laptop? Look up if your laptop is capable of working with a hub, is capable of doing video over USB. They don’t all.

What charger? Look up the minimum charge your laptop requires and then look up if your charger exceeds this minimum given the hub needs power for itself.

These are all obvious issues you’d begin to look at before thinking the hub is the issue.

It’s an Asus gaming laptop, GU502DU. I figured out the power problem it has a 180-watt power brick, so I figure that is why it’s not getting power from the dock, which only provides 85 watts max. Either way, that’s not my biggest concern the second monitor not receiving a signal is. Before receiving the dock, I was using the thunderbolt 3 for that monitor and currently using another monitor and coming out of the thunderbolt port, and that monitor is working fine. I currently have two external monitors and also my laptop screen. The currently working monitor is using the HDMI port coming out of the dock. The second monitor is plugged into the thunderbolt out port and into a display port on the monitor; this is the one that is not working. I like the dock and think it is worth the price; I just want to use both my monitors.

I’d do two things

Email and ask them.

Nose around in other forums specific to your laptop and OS, this may be an issue with the support your laptop has for docks and multiple video out over different protocols.

In a community the challenge you have is highly likely you’re in a unique situation, the chances someone else has had the same issue and a fix is very low.

If I understand you correctly, you can get two monitors working when both on USBC but if you use HDMI then the 2nd on USBC doesn’t work? Well that’s where I think the issue is, your hardware or OS doesn’t support both hdmi and USBC at the same time. Try two HDMI or two USBC.