Anker 10W Wireless PowerWave Charger Stand - Flashing blue light

My PowerWave flashes the blue blinking light, which per the manual says there is metal. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and used this Anker charger for a few months with no problems (with and without a thin case). Now, all it does is blink blue. I ordered a new one and just got it yesterday to see if that worked and the new one blinks blue as well. We tried three iPhone 8’s and an android and blinks blue.

Anyone else having this issue as the replacement one does it as well!

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The best advice I have it to Contact support at again

Have you tried changing the cable that powers the stand? I have had 2 stock cables cause the same issue and changing to a different cable worked for me.

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May sound silly, but try to place the iPhone / android by trial and error to see if it charges, simple words make sure the phone is aligned.(PowerWave Charger stand is already designed to take care of this though, and should not be required to do any more alignment)

Make sure you are using a proper charger providing 5V-2A / 9V-2A / Check to ensure that the AC adapter you’re using has an output of 2A or more. Otherwise, your devices may not charge.

Will skip for Android, since you did not mention the make/model.

Also try changing the charging cable.

You did mention no cases, believe there are no metal attachments or popsockets on the back of the phone/phone case

I had the same exact problem… blinking blue light. i figured it out! I had a metal plate inside my case, i removed it and ido NOT have any more issues


I couldn’t get my Pixel 4 to charge properly even though I was using a proper adapter and everything. One of the comments mentioned metallic interference and since the pixel 4 is rimmed in Aluminum, I put a microfiber glasses cleaner over the vertical part of the stand, theorizing that maybe the rim’s contact with the stand was causing issues.

Lo and behold, now it works just fine, and I also feel like I’m protecting the glass back. IDK about the construction of the iphone 8 but maybe that will work for others!


Thats odd @Avva
I have a Samsung that has a metal rim but works just fine, in or out of a bumper case.
Maybe different levels of interference?

I have the same issue with my Mophie Juice Pack. Mophie is sending me a replacement and hopefully that helps. But if I remove my iPhone and place it directly in the PowerWave it’s fine. I use to charge my iPhone with the Mophie case and there was never a problem up until about 2 months ago. Anker did send me a replacement PowerWave too, that didn’t solve the problem.

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I just purchased the 10w power wave yesterday, but I returned it already because upon unboxing and plugging it in for the first time, it blinked blue and failed to charge. The replacement unit I got from the store today is the same. The unit CAME with a 3A Powerport+1 with quick charge 3.0. This power supply does not work. Last night, I plugged the charging base into a different power supply (using the factory usb cable) and it worked as it should. When plugged into the power supply that came with it, and no device on the cradle or anything even near it, it blinked blue indicating there is some metal interference. This is strike TWO for me; right out of the box, two of them have failed to work. I’m very disappointed.


Thanks for this post, rlsteel. I had the same issue and was about to take it back until I saw your post. I tried a different cord and it works fine.

Is Anker reading these? Will they replace the cord and/or plug with ones that work?

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For that my friend you will have to send an email to

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PROBLEM SOLVED. We had problems right out of the box. Wouldn’t charge any of the 7 phones in our house (no cases on them) or any of our 4 pairs of anker liberty 2 pros. Blue light is on but blinks every 3 seconds and no charging at all. Tried 3 different cords and had no change. THE PROBLEM IS THE BOX PLUGGED INTO THE WALL. replaced the box a standard iPhone charger box and all is right with the world again!! Works perfectly now.

Known issue with iPhones - powering off the phone and restarting resolved my blinking blue light.

Flashing blue light with Anker Powerwave can be resolved by powering off and restarting the phone.

The manual references metal on the case and the forums cite resolutions by changing the power cord. However, this problem is not well documented. Hope this helps!

I just bought one of these power Wave stands from Walmart. When I got it home and unboxed it, I have the same issue with the blinking light once I plugged it up. I used the same charging box that came with it but tried two different micro USB cords and they both worked fine. With mine it was the cord.

As a previous person said, try to power off your phone, then power back on. It just worked for me. After three months of perfect use, the Anker charging stand gave the flashing blue light with my iPhone 11 Pro today and would not charge. The Anker (circular) charging pad also would not charge. My wife’s iPhone 10 charged fine, so I knew it was likely my phone. I powered off my phone, then powered back on. It’s working again. Now charges on both Anker charging stand and pad. Hope this helps.

Holy Moly! Based on this post I’ve resolved my problem with the Powerwave 7.5 stand! Prior to these tips - even after stripping my Galaxy S21 Ultra of its case (a Nimbus9 Cirrus2 that contains a magnetic mount plate) - I got a blinking blue light after about 5 seconds of charging. I can NOT believe simply draping an eyeglass cleaning cloth between the stand and phone has resolved my issue and the I can charge in portrait mode again. I’d resorted to landscape placement which allowed continuous charging - explain that!

Further testing revealed however that after reinstalling the case w/ plate (with the cleaning cloth still draped over the stand, the blinking returned, and I had to resort back to landscape charging. Good to know as I figured maybe the S21 Ultra was too tall and didn’t meet close enough to the stand and phone charge plates. Ultimately, the magnetic mount plate seems to be the predominant issue. I just can’t make sense of why the cloth trick fixed vertical charging without a case. Oh well, a fun experiment nonetheless. (Edit: mystery solved. Tried charging again sans case but placed lifted the phone 5mm higher with a plastic object so the camera metal sat above the top of stand. Bam, continuous charging commenced. Fascinating!)

P.S. Yes, I know the stand itself coupled with the supplied PowerPort+1 QuickCharge 3.0 (18W / 3Amp) wall plug is underpowered for the phone model, but it charges sufficiently enough if I’m sitting and working for a couple hours. Of course, there’s always chatter about whether underpowered charging adversely affects the phone battery but that’s a topic for another time and place.

100% has to do with using the exactly right cord and wall plug. I have 3 anker stands and I could not get the one I brought home from my office to work. I spent some time trying different cord combinations, none of them worked. I mean, this charger worked just fine plugged into a USB on my office desk, so why isn’t it working here? The only difference is I have to use a wall plug at home. So after spending some time swapping out cords and random wall chargers, I remembered that I have the exact same kind sitting in my living room. So I just unplugged from the back of that one and plugged into the one I couldn’t get to work and it works just fine. So that’s why I say that it is (or can) 100% be just making sure you have the Anker wall plug. I’m using the IQ3 quick charge wall plug and it’s working perfectly now.