Anker 10400 wont charge past first light?


Just wondering if someone can let me know what is going on with my powerbank.

I recently bought the 10400 Powercore and have only charged it to full 3 times and now after using it for the last time it wont charge past the first blue led light.

When i plug it in either using a plug or directly via USB the first light flashes twice then stays on permanently and eventually switches itself off?

Surely this is defective, or is there anything i can do to fix/reset the powerbank?

Thanks in advance for any input.


What type of plug are you using to charge it? At the very least it needs to be able to output 5v 2a, anything less will take forever to charge it.

Also, have you tried using a different cable to charge it up?
Either way, sorry for the troubles you are having.


As mentioned by @elmo41683 , it would be worth trying a new cable and making sure your charger supports a 5v 2a output…

You could also try looping the unit on itself, USB to the input port, which should force a reset…then try a full charge again…

Failing that you would need to reach out to for assistance under your warranty. It’s worth mentioning when , your purchase info, serial and troubleshooting steps taken so far…


Please send an email to, our representative will help you solve it!

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