Anker 100W USB-C Charger

I would love to see an Anker 100W USB-C charger. I own a MacBook Pro 16" (late 2019 model) and while I already own an PowerPort Atom PD 4, it can only deliver 60W max on a single USB-C port (even when nothing else is plugged into it). If I’m running an application on my MacBook Pro that’s CPU intensive (such as Traktor Pro 3), it can’t keep up, so my battery drains faster than it can be charged. I’ve had to resort to using the charger that came with my MacBook Pro. There is another brand (I won’t post the link here out of common courtesy) that offers a very nice-looking 100W USB-C charger and stylistically looks like Anker.

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Are you sure you have a 100W cable? PD cables are 3A limited unless they have the emarker chip telling the charger it can handle 5A.

The PD4 is 100W when using 1 port but you must use a 100W cable.

Or your PD4 has a fault.

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I believe Anker has a 100w cable


I thought so tooo, maybe limited market areas though?

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That might be the issue

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Well, sure enough, I happen to own an Anker PowerLine III 100W 6ft cable. Just tested it and you’re absolutely right, it seems to charge mine at 100W:


I’m honestly relieved and didn’t even think of swapping out the USB-C cable I’ve been using. Guess I’ll be buying a few more of these PowerLine III USB-C cables in the near future! I still love the idea of a small 100W singe port USB-C charger from Anker though. The one Apple makes is bulky as all hell and I’ve seen other stuff on the market that’s 1/2 the size. Keeping my fingers crossed that the small market of us 16" MacBook Pro users will be served one day…

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Glad I was correct this time.

Free is always better.

Yes smaller is even better, just wait if you want Anker, they are usually a few months behind.

There is no sound technology reason why they can’t, guess just needs demands. 100W has been raised here for months.

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