Anker 10000 shows charged but does nothing when plugged into device

Hi there. Just got my Anker 10000 and it worked, as expected, for just a few charges. Now, when I plug my Powercore into a wall charger, it shows all 4 blue lights as fully charged. When I plug it into my phone or computer or a speaker, nothing happens. It shows no charging.

  • I’ve tried several power cords.
  • I pushed the button on the side?
  • I tried 3 different devices.

What am I missing??

Check the port for any lint. If there is any, it may be obstructing the connection. If that doesn’t help, email Anker at and they should be able to troubleshoot with you. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @lerich20 have you tried resetting the PowerCore 10000 by looping the input and output ports? This forces an internal reset and can often resolve issues such as this.