Anker 10000 lost charge and will not recharge

New Anker 10000 is one day old. It charge up and charged my Samsung S9 nicely last night. Tried to recharge it today and the lights don’t light and when plugged into my phone, it does not charge. Help! Should I return it?

Best practice - always Full Recharge the new PowerBank before using it for first time.

What is the exact model of Anker Powercore powerbank you are using?

What charger are you using to recharge the Power Bank?

Word of advice, do not use your charger that came with your phone. It’s an adaptive charger and requires a handshake from the device in order to fast charge, which the powerbank cannot do so it charges at the slowest stated speed for that charger. Please use a charger that is rated for at least 5v 2a.