anger customer service supervisor Caleb on cable support

Stick with bellin and apple products they last longer. I had the worst experience with this cable after only lasting a month and a half i called the warranty number that is on my box that claims is “hassle free” and “friendly” but what a lie i spoke with stephen and then with caleb (supervisor) he indicated i need a reciept and he will not do anything without it and i need to go online and read the policy for clarification i explained that online it says to keep the original pckaging not the reciept he got frustrated and hung up. Super rude and unhelpful not to mention condescending. very far from friendly and hassle free. does not follow their own policies that say proof of purchase for warranty or original packaging for 30 day return. very disappointed to have bought this I should have not believed that the product was promising it would be the “last cable you would ever have to buy”. Definitely will never buy anything from here with their false advertising to unwillingness to follow own policies all for a 13.99 cable.

You need proof of purchase and serial number.

Very good idea to buy online for an electronic trail.

I’ve bought dozens of Anker products, had, say, 6 needs for support, I supplied proof of purchase, serial number, and got < a working day resolution, usually they ship out replacement and ask me to keep/discard failed unit.

If you’re looking for another tip, for the rare items I bought in a store, I photo my receipts as paper can get lost. Backup to cloud.

If you think something is important, it’s important that you think. If you think £14 is a lot of money, think how you’d proved it to a reasonable other person…if you didn’t photo the receipt, then can’t be that important.

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Shame your experience wasn’t great.
I’ve only had to call on Ankers support once regarding a cable.
Emailed them a pic and a screenshot of my proof of purchase from Amazon and the new cable arrived in 4 days.
@professor advice is spot on, buy online and your receipt is always available.
For the items i buy from stores i take a photo of the receipt just in case.

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Sorry to hear you have had issues. But most companies require receipt to make a warranty claim. I’ve been burned by other companies not having a receipt. In those cases it’s my fault for not keeping the receipt.

As the @professor mentioned buy online from Amazon or another Anker authorized vendor is the way to go. I do buy Anker products locally and generally take cellphone pics of the receipt and serial number. I do this for most products that have warranty now.

I’ve never had issues with Anker Support. Always nice and professional. If you received a rude experience I’d suggest calling and and ask tospeak with that person’s supervisor.

As to their cables, I own at least 10 of them and only had one fail. It failed because my mother’s cat chewed on the cable. They still covered it in the last few weeks of the warranty. But i had my receipt. My oldest cables are going on 3 years maybe 4. I’ve never had an apple cable last that long.

Maybe @AnkerOfficial can look into this…

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Hi @bcid001,

Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
As other community members and our customer service representatives have mentioned, a receipt (a proof of purchase) is needed for us to verify the date of the purchase.
Without a receipt, we won’t be able to verify the purchase date, hence unable to completed the warranty replacement for this specific purchase.

Sorry again for the unpleasant experience.

Best regards
The Anker community team

Sorry to hear about your frustration but yeah…like other’s said you tend to need proof of purchase whenever you deal with warranty issues.