Android vs. iOS Settings

I use both daily, just noticed that settings are different depending on device. They should be the same across platforms to not confuse people.

On Android within each camera setting I have different options. Android I only have sensitivity 1 - 5 & iOS I have sensitivity 1 - 7; Android doesn’t have a “snooze” alerts option, where iOS has it.

Android doesn’t have the “Detection Type” under Motion Settings, so I change change options to human only. I have this option on iOS. I’m sure there’s others, but just noticed these when playing with the new app update.

What product are you referring to?

The eufyCam 2

Alright :+1:

On Android you can change the detection type
On the main screen at the bottom click on Security and it will bring it up… and yes im aware mh cameras and homebase are offline as im moving things around