Android Eufy App Notification Sound Can't Be Customized Anymore

When I first installed the Eufy App on my Android phone 5 months ago, I changed the notification sound setting to a unique tone that was different from the Android default. A few days ago, I noticed that the Eufy notifications are now reset to the default tone. I can’t distinguish a Eufy security alert from any other app on my phone now and I have not found a way to choose a different sound again.
The Eufy App updated itself on July 9th, 2020. Did that remove the notification sound control? Other apps on my phone still have sound controls as they did before.
I have: Samsung S9 phone with Android 10. My Eufy App is v1.8.0_636
I really need to have a customizable notification sound for my security app. What is the fix?

I found out from another Eufy user in Facebook that the notification sound controls are still there in the Android phone’s setting. They’re just buried deeply into the menu structure with no hints about how to find them. In settings:

  1. open the app list and tap the Eufy app
  2. choose “eufy camera”
  3. scroll down to see the list of alternative sounds.
  4. choose the sound you want for eufy notifications.

I also learned that camera notification sounds can be controlled from within the eufy app itself, bypassing the phone’s settings.

  1. open the eufy app
  2. FOR EACH CAMERA, tap the gear icon to open the camera’s settings.
  3. scroll down to “Notification” and tap.
  4. tap “Motion Alerts” to display a list of Motion Alert sounds.
  5. choose the one you want for the camera you’re setting.
  6. repeat for each of your cameras. Each camera can have a different sound.
    Doing the change for each individual camera was a chore but this gives us the option for putting a unique sound on each camera.
    Note that the list of available sounds to choose from within the App is much shorter than the list of notification sounds built into Android.

My problem was a false alarm but I learned some valuable info about the eufy and android systems. I’ll leave the post here so that others who may have the same question can benefit.
I still don’t know why my custom notification sound was reset to default without warning. But now I know how to set it again if it reoccurs.

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean here? The Eufy *Security" app has no option {point 3) to select alternate sounds?
I can not find any app simply called Eufy!
I fully understand your second part but these sounds are all rubbish. I use text to speech to make logical notifications.
I’m using Android Samsung S21. Android V11.

In the EufySecurity app you can change the app alert tones in the doorbell settings under the heading “Notifications.” At the bottom you can change the tones for Motion Alerts or Ring Alerts.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and 9 (Android) here, Eufy Security app version (latest I believe), Battery Doorbell 2K.

eufySecurity app > Devices > Doorbell > Settings (cog icon) > Notification > App Alert Tones (at the bottom)

I have a simple ‘Ding’ for motion and ‘Presto’ which is the doorbell sound. This lets me prioritize my attention :wink: