Android Charging Slowly message on sleep mode/hibernation mode

Just more of an observation, I saw that my new Nextbit Robin - when plugged in to my HP Envy laptop USB-C charger shows the message “Charging Slowly” which I had never seen in 7 years of Android use, I guess it’s a message that only displays on certain android builds, because I have always used Samsung Galaxy Notes and Huwawei devices and I only ever see - Charging x minutes remaining - or Fast Charging x minutes remaining.
I have several Qualcom fast chargers but I was travelling so my laptop was the only USB C charger around,
Just thought it was interesting as I have only just migrated over to using a USB C only laptop and USB C smartphone…
It seems like the USB C smart devices are quite fussy if you don’t use their original oem manufacturer cable and charger,
what are your experiences?

With my Pixel I have found the charging slowly message appears when it is receiving less than 1500mA. Or if it is charging the last 15-20%.

Charging rapidly normally appears at around 2000mA.

Certain cables can only carry a max of 1500mA even if the charger/port can output more.
If you are using a cable that can support more than 1500mA then have a look at your PC. It may be restricting the power out put on ports when it is not charging itself.

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On Android newer versions you can swipe down and change from using USB for charging or data transfer. You may have a default of using for data so it runs in a lower power mode.

I believe in USB-C standards the higher power modes are only possible if using the data pins for power.


From what I have found out, this is how QuickCharge works.

USB C Power Delivery standard, as set out by states that USB C cables should have 4 Vbus pins (power).
Table from "USB Type-S Specification Release 1.2.pdf from Document Library | USB-IF

Quick charge is not USB-PD.

Correct, if you are referring to Qualcom Quick Charge.

Charging “rapidly” however is supported by USB-PD.