Android and Voume on Soundcore 2

I am leaning on purchasing the Soundcre 2 but stumbled across something in a review and was wondering if someone could confirm?

Is it true that Android devices are unable to control the volume on the speaker? That instead, I have to manually adjust that setting on the speaker itself?

Many thanks.

Android is an OS which has many versions on different devices (phones, tablets, laptops etc.)
I run only a SAMSUNG tablet under Android, there is no issue to control
any speaker volume on the tablet.
I can’t imagine there are differences to other Android versions.


As @fhassm has mentioned there are many revisions of Android so it’s quite possible the reviewer might have had an incompatible version to allow correct volume control, other factors could also have been the cause. From past experience both Android and iOS have been able to control volume level without issue…