An interesting issue with 26800 PD charger and earbuds (static noise)

When I have my Samsung Note 8 and Taotronics NC earbuds connected to the 26800 PD charger, I hear a lot of static. If I have just the earbuds connected to it and my Note 8 connected to my Laptop, then no static. It is only when the PD is charging two devices. I’ll have to try this out on my iPhone 8+.

Use higher quality cables, cheaper Ines do not prevent electromagnetic interference. Or get you some ferrite chokes and put on the wires

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Absolutely agree. Ferrite choke can do wonders.

If you hear another noise from your headphones, then check the audio settings in your BT settings.

It maybe you have the wrong setup?

The earbuds are wired. No Bluetooth. I’ll see if I can find a ferrite choke. Thank you.

If they’re wired headphones, why are they connected to a powerbank? I’m confused.

Think he must be kistening to it charge his phone :stuck_out_tongue:

So, I finally found 2 ferrite chokes and attached them to two ends of the earbuds and I still hear static. So, I won’t be using the charger to charge my earbuds while charging my phone :frowning:

Ok. I just tried something different. I plugged my earbuds into my laptop instead of my Note 8 and it’s all good. Same issue if I were to charge the Note 8 and earbuds using a wall charger.


Final update: It’s not the Note 8 or the earbuds. It’s the Anker micro USB cable! I used the yellow Anker cable and it works fine :smiley:

glad you figured it out. I very much like that Zolo Cable you got there, I wish they sold more cables in Yellow Braid

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