An Inside Look at Chinese Manufacturing

At one point in the recent past, China’s massive manufacturing hubs in Shenzhen would mostly service orders from extranational brands. Now that’s changing, as more and more Chinese brands begin to make direct contact with overseas markets.

We’re proud to be among China’s top brand builders this year, after six years of hard work and dedication. After beginning in Silicon Valley and establishing a base of operations in southern China, we’ve spread all over the world: to Seattle, Tokyo, and more!

You can find out the origin story of brands like ours by watching this video, which includes an exclusive interview with our CEO, Steven Yang!

For more on Chinese manufacturing, you can also check out another well-known Chinese brand, One Plus, as Linus Tech Tips takes you on a tour of their quality assurance process.

What do you think about the rise of Chinese manufacturing and consumer brands? What do you foresee happening in the future as these brands gain acclaim and grow dedicated customer bases? Let us know your thoughts below.

Power On!

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Very impressive. Keep up the great work!

Interesting watch. China will rule the manufacturing would as the world becomes more technological

Quite an insightful video & one of the few times I’ve seen a CEO come across as an ordinary sort of chap, rather than someone who seems to put on a ‘persona’ for the cameras…


Very cool!

This is awesome!

Love posts like these. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Having known the practices and manufacturing techniques of many Chinese companies, I personally will never support Chinese manufacturing. For example, many cell phone boosters (except the WeBoost brand honestly) that are produced in China are so horribly and crudely made that once they make it to the US they do not function. Chinese manufacturers also create lightning to lighting adapters that LITERALLY do not work whatsoever. Then they put their products on Amazon and create THOUSANDS of fake reviews. Don’t believe me? Use Compare a product made by a reputable brand to a piece of Chinese craftsmanship. The gross amount of fake reviews is disgusting.

Now, I want to make PERFECTLY clear that I fully support Anker. Many things by reputable and wonderful companies are created in China. What I do not like is this almost braggadocios outlook on Chinese manufacturing. Chinese manufacturers have been known to forge private FCC certification in order to get RF products in the US that do not fit standards.

American, Japanese, Canadian, German, and Swedish manufacturing standards and laws far exceed what will ever be achieved in China. Of course, that does NOT mean that a product made in China will be worse than one made in the United States. That is the rule, but there are many exceptions.

No, I am not isolationist. I just know how Chinese manufacturers can be.

unfortunately it’s just too hard for US to compete with china when it comes to manufacturing. Don’t see much changing for a long time.