An emotion-detecting wearable?

I found this interesting article that shows the advancement of smart gadgets and how it is going to help us.

I agree that there are both pros and cons with AI, robots, smart gadgets, self driving cars etc.,

What do you think of these smart technologies that we are going to see day to day and how they will affect human lives?

Please feel free to share your comments…


Interesting read :thinking: thanks for sharing

Government agencies (may be already be using this as we talk / type ) and Corporations (Human Resource Teams :smiley: ) will be very much interested in this…


Doesn’t this already exist? JK


Big brother is always watching you.

As far you are online you are under observation.
If you are NOT online you are suspicious!


I agree, people believe stones more than science :nerd:

even if you are OFFline, Big brother still watching you with your neighbor’s eyes :sunglasses:

My neighbors are working, no possibility to take a look at me.
But may be somewhere in space or heaven, there are some good old friends keep an eye on me.:innocent:

We here on community definitely keep an eye :eyes: on you (your posts) :joy:

But please don’t tell my wife what I am babbling here.
This would confirm her thoughts about me.


You can trust us, we will keep everything within this community :grin: :joy::joy::joy:

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Ok family stuff! :joy:


Just like a polygraph, I doubt this would be a fully accurate thing. Nice little party favor, but other than that a bust. Seeing people try new things with tech is always cool though.

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Funny! The mood ring! Why does Amazon even try when this ring works perfectly! This was very popular when I was in junior High


Yeah right!!! Keep that away from me :imp: