An API to integrate in smarthome box

Hi eufy team,
Is it an API available to drive localy the eufycam system ( homebase ) ?
If not can you tell if it is schedule or in reflexion ?

This will be usefull to integrate eufycam system to a local smarthome box (which hold occupant habits).



Hello! @luc.steelandt Thanks so much for your valuable suggestion! We’re sincerely sorry that at the current stage, it is not available for the eufyCam system to integrate API. But yes, your consideration is really to the point. We will try our best to forward your concern to our engineer team and hope they can further consider its availability in the near future! Thank you!

Dear Anker Team

Months after Months we still don’t have news about your roadmap on provinding an API in order to manage our eufy cam (ex: security mode) via our smarthome box (domoticz, jeedom etc)

This feature is a game changer, what is Anker position on it ?



I’d like to have statement as well.