An actual power station

I have five of the power core batteries, one’s a + and one’s an edge. I made a Frankenstein charging station using a powerport 6 with 6 cables, but with all of the cables it’s more of a pain to use than I’d hoped for. I put all of it in a shoe box with the connector ends sticking out of the top so I can just push the batteries into place, but it is pretty flimsy. Does anyone know of a better ‘station’ where you can just insert the battery pack to recharge them? Possibly with adjustable positioning of the connectors?

I personally would make something out of wood for this. Metal would also work, but it would be a little harder to work with, especially for people who aren’t as good with tools and such.
Go to your local hardware store and get some wood, and some stores have scrap wood that was cut poorly for free in bins in the back (Home Depot and Lowes are great for this in the US). Then get some screws.
Make a custom shelf for everything that way.

I’m more curious knowing what you use FIVE powercore batteries for?! :smile:

I bought one for myself, which became my wife’s. So I got another bigger astro, which became my son’s. Then I bought two more, one for me and one for my other son so they’d quit fighting over them. Then I got a fifth one because they always seemed to be half or mostly dead (kids are great at using them and leaving dead ones laying around but not at finding a plug to charge them).