America’s Least Favorite Chores

Now before we start let me level with you, I have never been one to stay on top of my household chores. A mountain of dirty dishes, crumb-covered floors, and piles of pants are all common fixtures of my home. My busy work schedule means I struggle to find the time to keep my place clean. Sounds like a poor excuse? Perhaps you are right. The truth may be that I just hate doing certain chores!

This got me wondering what most people considered to be their least favorite chores. After quizzing my friends and researching online I have compiled this list of what I deem to be America’s 5 least favorite chores.

Number 5 - Changing the bed sheets

After 27 years I am no closer to mastering the technique.

Number 4 - Cleaning the bathroom

Only in at number 4 due to the fact it is not something that needs to be done too frequently. However, I challenge anyone to find me a person on earth who enjoys scrubbing a toilet.

Number 3 - Laundry

Hanging out your laundry to dry must be one of the most tedious tasks imaginable. Just when you think you are nearly done you reach the pile of socks at the bottom which must be pegged individually.

Number 2 - Vacuuming/Mopping

Noisy, time-consuming, and laborious. Vacuuming your home is a thankless task. I think it might be time to invest in a robotic vacuum!

Number 1 - Washing the dishes

The dreaded dishes just had to take the top spot! After enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal I normally only have eyes for my sofa. Giving them a quick rinse and putting it off until the next day always seems like the answer.

So there we have it, my complete list of the 5 worst household chores. Let’s all hope robots will soon be here to take care of these tedious tasks for good! They have already got the vacuuming down but as far as I know, there is no toilet scrubbing cyborg!:face_with_monocle:


There is always a problem for me:
“America” is the whole continent
North- Middle- and Southamerica.
USA ist a part of Northamerica consisting of USA and Canada.

On the other hand : We over the pond are not worth to be mentioned?
Or do you think there are no household chores here? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That would be me, i actually do not mind scrubbing the toilet or cleaning the bathroom. I love when i clean it and its all shiny when im done.

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Never got any problem cleaning a toilet here in my house.
May be it would be different to clean a public one! :wink:

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Start a European Least Favourite Chores!

Although i can only call myself European for a few more weeks - but lets not get into that!

But i bet the list would be very similar to our friends on the US!

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Worse then all of this, is cleaning up dog excrement

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Seems to be a benefit of the Regular User badge.

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Congratulations @paulstevenewing for being part of the esteemed group :+1: Are you planning on joining Anker :thinking:


I don’t really like to talk about it, us VIP’s don’t like to brag and unsettle the peasants :rofl:

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To be an European has NOTHING to do with that CE-fellows in Brussels.

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I agree, the title would have been more like “World’s” as it applies to almost all regions.

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Hey @Tank @Chiquinho if you are ever passing this way feel free to pop in and clean the toilets! Pet hate of mine, lol I can do the rest of the bathroom but the toilets no - just shove a load of bleach down, swish it round and hope for the best!

I don’t mind most cleaning as long as there’s no cobwebs- they freak me out as I can’t bear spiders - we had a couple of biggys in September! :open_mouth::spider:

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Congratulations for entry into Elite Group!

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I understand the reasoning if that’s the call they make :+1:t2:
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