Amazon youtube link

Ok, so this morning I went to check my reviewer rating on Both and and when I clicked on the reviewer rating number there was a you tube symbol. I clicked it and it took me to my Youtube page. I have never had this before nor do I remember sharing this information with Amazon. I kind of like it though. Anyone else notice this?

Yes I sure did and I didnt share with Amazon this information either. Then again I always notice when i look up particular things on Amazon I see banners for those items on say google or as advertisements in yahoo homepage. Internet stalking at its finest lol

I am curious if it has anything to do with the survey I filled for Anker yesterday as I was asked and provided them my Amazon profile and Youtube address. never noticed it before yesterday. And I know what you mean about internet stalking, seems I go onto my phone and it knows what am I thinking, gives me shipment updates and knows where I am going before I do. That’s OK though for an old guy it helps me out big time.

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I dont see Anker and Amazon having that much of a relationship to share info with one another. They may have just linked up if they are under the same email address is my guess as that seems to be the case for me.

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also if you ever written a review and linked a youtube video to it.

try logging out of youtube and amazon, close your browser and open it back up and go back to amazon and see what happens and let us know


I have tried leaving links on reviews but they always seemed to have edited the Youtube links out and that may be when they added it to my profile?? I usually just wrote in my review to google Bobbleheaderman and product name to view video review if needed. Thanks for the info. BTW signing out of both and back in again didn’t change anything. It’s all good…Have a Merry Christmas!!:smile:

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