Amazon US USB C Powerline Deal and is USB 3.0 That Important?

Here’s a deal on a powerline:

So…I wouldn’t buy this because it’s a USB 2.0 and not a 3.0. My question to you all is: Would you? I mean, I’m not sure that the charging is affected by this @professor correct me if I’m wrong, but it should provide power at the same speed. The USB 3.o standard is about data transfer right?

Anyway, I thought a poll would be a good thing to use here, especially since I’ve been all about polls lately:

  • I would not buy a cable with USB 2.0
  • I would buy a cable with USB 2.0

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Explain yourself in the comments - I’m curious what y’all think.

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Oh, looks like it’s 100% “would buy usb 2.0”. I chose because I would use it for charging not for data transfer. If I was doing some sort of transfer I would use my usb 3.0 I already had. A 10ft would probably stay in my car…

ha! It’s only you Anjou! I forgot to vote :laughing:

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In the context yes there is no power transfer downside. It’s just the very use of USBC means someone may think USBC is PD so can large a PD USBC. No that needs type C both ends then there are degrees of cable types for each level of power.

Guess it would depend on your use cases, not sure if the need for 3.0 if you only are using it for charging (not sure why you would use a 10ft. for anything but charging)

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Transfer speeds are not typically the buying point for me and cables, its usually always power handling and rugged build.


I wouldn’t buy a USB 2 cable because it’s outdated plus why buy the old version when you can get the new standard.

I gotta agree with @Anjou1888 here, I would buy an USB 2.0 if my only need is to charge a device, now if we are talking about transferring data I can use my 3.1 Belkin cable

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I agree with @Anjou1888. I would 2.0 or 3.0 doesn’t matter for charging. I would do 3.0 if I planned to do data transfer and charging. But I already have a good 3.0 cable for that.

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Naw, why worry about multiple cables when one does the charging/data transfer job. But I can see for just simply charging in a car USB 2.0 would be fine… But I would still purchase a USB 3.0 vs 2.0