Amazon US PowerCore 10000 PD 30% Off

I saw on Slickdeals reported by DJ3xclusive that you can get PowerCore 10000 PD for 30% at Amazon US using coupon code ANKERPD35 for those interested. I believe this is the biggest discount yet.

Amazon Link

NOTE: This is not compatible with PowerPort PD 1, PowerPort PD 2, or PowerPort Atom PD 1.


It is still expensive for 10Ah. $32.

I suggest waiting for a 3 21700 cell 15Ah PD product comes about. I’m sure it will happen.

Thanks for sharing! Good deal.

This might be the best discount for PowerCore 10000 PD.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thanks for sharing this deal

Do NOT buy this if you plan on using with Anker’s PowerPort PD 1, PowerPort PD 2, or PowerPort Atom PD 1!

It remains incompatible with many of Anker’s own products! :rage:


I would agree with josh. This product should probably be pulled…

I added a note there just so people don’t have to read through the comments. Very unfortunate.

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Regarding the compatibility issue, we are working on it. If there is further information, I will share it here.

At present, the PowerCore 10000 PD in Canada market can compatible with PowerPort PD 1, PowerPort PD 2, or PowerPort Atom PD 1.

great deal :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing got to love slick deals

How can we tell if we have the new or old one? Is the model name different?


The incompatibility is due to a charging system updating issue on the PowerCore 10000 PD. The updated version has the same construction/buliding as the old version(no particular components changed) but just a system update.

The old version of the PowerCore 10000 PD still can be charged by other Anker USB-C PD wall charges such as below ones:

PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C

PowerPort II

PowerPort Speed+ Duo,-anker-powerport-speed--duo-wall-charger/A26221D11

Therefore, we make the running change on the new version of the PowerCore 10000 PD to have the old one still available on Amazon.

The incompatibility also applies to the Anker PowerPort PD 2 and Anker PowerPort PD 1 as advertised in the product description of the PowerCore 10000 PD on Amazon.

So if you have ordered the PowerCore 10000 PD along with these three Anker wall chargers, you can return the Anker wall chargers to Amazon and order the recommended wall charger to get this fixed. You are always welcome to email for help if you have further concerns.