Amazon US Lightning Deal on Soundcore Model Zero $159.99

You won’t get it before Christmas, but still a nice deal.

Expires in a little more than 5 hours from now.


Thanks for sharing.

$160 for a speaker.… ?

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Thanks for posting


Thanks for sharing!


Have you listened to it or have you put your hands on it???

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No. But $160 for a speaker? if you care about sound that much surely you’d put it on your head? (aka headphones)

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You may forget those who like to share music and not using headphones.

People are different in their behaviours.

“Gott Sei Dank” (Thank Goodness). :grin:

Enjoy Christmas eve!


What I am not saying:

you should not listen to music
you should not listen to music collectively
you should not buy speakers

What I am saying:

Really? $160 for a (singular) speaker?

That’s nothing really for a speaker. There are folks who dish out thousands of dollars for just speakers that don’t even play music without being powered by an amp. At least the Zolo is a self sufficient speaker system similar to what boomboxes use to be


There are other speakers which are more expensive.
You know this as well.

I don’t know if these are as good as the ZERO.

Without having tested it, its impossible to talk about, only because of the prize.
That’s my opinion.
Go for it and after listening and comparing to others we can talk about.

That’s another point of view.
There are stereos which are more than 10.000 Euros.
And there starts madness:
Speakers in marble.
turntables which are fixed with specials strings to the ceiling, to avoid vibrations from the floor.
The room is empty, nothing inside to “swallow the sound”.

And in the center, sitting an old man, nearly deaf. :joy: