AMAZON US BlueTooth Blowout!

Strong recommendations for the soundCore Boost! Also that flare 2-pack looks like a sweet deal - 36% off!


Pretty good deals :clap:

The “double pack FLARE” is a nice offer.
The cheapest I saw recently here at German Market was a single one for 39 Euros.

The Flare two pack is $59.99!!! ($69.99 with $10 off coupon)

This is an absolutely insane deal. I already have 4, otherwise I would buy a couple more. :joy:

Thanks for the addon!

Scrooge McFlare :laughing:




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You made such a nice funny collage. I love this!

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Well, for Quadrophenia you need 4 Flares. And for dolby 5.1 five - plus one for the sub. So: grab as much as you can !

Those FLARES are a great deal.

Nice deals, thanks for sharing

Great :+1:… thanks for sharing. 2 pack flare is a bargain!

Well now you can technically use all 4 at one time. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect to 2 sources at one time. So connect 1 flare, pair it to another… Go back into Bluetooth and enable dual audio

And pair the second flare and then pair that one to the last speaker and voila you are using all 4… You should totally do this and let us know how it is

4 speakers?

Does it go to 20?

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Those SoundCore flare speakers have been on my wish list for a while now :laughing:


Great amplifiers, great speakers in the old days.

Thank you for this! I certainly will try!!