Amazon UK - Life P2 Earbuds £31.99 (£8 saving)

Price seems to keep falling on these rather decent earbuds :slight_smile: £30 a week ago and now down again to £31.99 with the £8 voucher…


Some savings are always good!

They were £30 10 days ago.

Oops, missed that when I did a search on here and camelcamel (not that I’ve fully trusted it before)… :blush:

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£30 was a particularly good price and I shouted it widely so anyone with any need could get it then. I had gifted a pair away and told them if anyone they knew liked them to get them then.

I’m seeing all the threads about all the issues with all the other wireless buds and it just affirmed for me that wireless buds are inherently less reliable and so paying £30 is right thing to do.

My most used audio is the £20 Slim wired and over-ear.

The problem i think is more user error and people not paying attention to instructions when trying to use them…that and they lack common sense when trying to figure out what the problem is