Amazon UK Deals today

Big bunch of Amazon UK deals today.


These deals are awesome. I particularly recommend the power core speed 20000, the powerwave stands, and the60w wall charger!

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I already have the PowerCore Speed 20000 - it’s a chunky unit, but wow does it charge quickly!!!

I’ve got a non-MFI USB-C to lightning cable and the speed is amazing. Can’t wait for the Anker one.

I’ve just ordered the 60W charger too. More USB-C stuff coming out all the time and I feel like I’m cheating using a cough Aukey one…

Wish i was there to jump on those deals

Nice deals :thumbsup:

Lovely deals. Thanks for posting. :ok_hand:t2:

Nice deals :heart_eyes:

Cracking deals to be had :muscle:t2:

Nice one :slight_smile: