Amazon UK 2018 Prime Day Deals

As with @joshuad11 thread here it’s seems to be a better idea to have fresh US & UK threads for ongoing offers covering Prime day (and relevant lightning deals), which can then be marked as expired to prevent a long ongoing list of the past two years of deals…If DE or other Euro areas also wish to contribute, please feel free.

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Rules: UK only. Starts July 16th 12:00 GMT 2018, ends July 17th 23:59 GMT 2018. Discount quantity is limited. First come, first served. Anker reserves the right of final explanation. By offering your email you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use .
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SoundCore 2 £24.99 down from £39.99

SoundCore Motion B £21.99 down from £39.99

Expired - SoundCore Motion Q £31.99 down from £39.99

SoundCore Spirit £19.59 down from £27.99

SoundCore Spirit X £18.19 down from £28.99

Expired Anker SoundBuds Surge £14.39 down from £20.99


A couple of more for today;

SoundCore Mini 2 £25.99 down from £39.99 for next 6hrs

SoundCore Boost £39.99 down from £49.99 for next 6hrs

Eufy RoboVac 11c £179.99 down from £259.99 for next 16hrs

It’s very suitable to buy some expensive things in Prime day, cos the discount is awesome!:smile:

Are you trying to sell stuff or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

nice deals

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Anker does it again… allowing for exchange, UK pays more for LESS

USA price for the 6ft cable is cheaper than uk 3ft lead, which is the same lead but shorter.

Come on @AnkerOfficial this ain’t cricket!

That’s not just Anker. Lot’s of stuff is more expensive on,uk
Might worthwhile checking out

These deals were amazing this year. I own most of these things so I did not participate this time around. Have everything I needed.